Travel theme: Playing


In all my travels I always find the music.  The most music I found was during the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh and the best musicians were there as well.  The buskers came from all around the world to be here.  This particular gentleman, Tom Ward, was absolutely awesome, played classical guitar.

For more information on Tom Ward, visit his Facebook page here

More of my fantastic travels have allowed me to see young men playing the violin, busking in Edinburgh and wrenching my heart with their melodies.


Enjoying the expected and upbeat sounds of the bagpipe!


Watching the performance of the unicyclist juggling tools and fire so high in the air2013-08-09-juggleratthefringeOH.. and if you’re wondering why that woman is following him around with the leaf blower.  He wanted the wind to blow through his hair, while he was performing.  🙂

Edinburgh, Scotland

Then there was Italy, the lone girl with her accordion sitting there.


And the orchestra band playing in the subway of Paris this year.


Then I can come home to my own back yard to hear the playing of the musician at the Renaissance Festival,


Travel theme: Playing

© 2016 Candace L Stauber Photography


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