They are not just words. Words are powerful. They have great impact. Every teacher, writer, great orator knows this. Every parent, good and bad knows how their words affect their children.  You can make or break a child by your words.

I know from my own experience how my parents who were excellent teachers influenced hundreds of children with their words, but came home exhausted and influenced their own children with words of impatience.  Their words left me feeling inadequate and lacking. Only later in life could I begin to understand where their words were coming from and begin to heal my own self-esteem.  However, as adults words spoken in anger still have the ability to cut straight to the heart, words spoken in hate and abuse will not only undermine a soul’s self-esteem, it can breed anger and hate in return.

Words must be monitored not only in public, but in our minds and hearts to maintain peace in our souls. Although we hear individuals use words without regard to other’s feelings or regards to other’s circumstances, I wonder what they were taught as children to have so little regard for the human spirit and heart to be so crass and heartless to have no thought or regard in their words themselves.  Are they in that much pain?  They must really be insecure in their own mind to lash out at others to degrade and abuse.

I suppose that is the typical bully problem. It is that they cannot control their own fears and insecurities and to feel better they need to use their words (even if they don’t have the vocabulary) to pretend to be more intelligent and superior.

We do not need to condone those who have no regard for their words for others, we only need to pity them. We need to continue on our path to be the example of the way words are meant to be used. To teach, to guide and to inspire.



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