Haunted Battlefield

IMG_1735.jpgOutlander fans — I know you’re out there. I am a big fan of Diana Gabaldon and Outlander. I read her books 20 years ago, so when I visited Scotland I had to visit the cities and sights she mentioned in her books.  I wanted to trace the tracks and times of Jaime and Claire, not only because I loved the writing in Outlander, but the historical fiction is so close to my own personal ancestors’ history is was uncanny.  Even to the migration to the Americas. I felt a kinship to this story.  So when I arrived in Inverness and settled into my little bed and breakfast (Hint: it was phenomenal!  You always need to go B&B in Scotland, you meet the nicest people that way) I immediately got out my map and looked up where the ring of stones might be located and where the Culloden battlefield was.

img_1726Stepping on the Culloden Battlefield you immediately feel the spirits; you know the pain and anguish that transpired here. You really can’t speak while you’re on the grounds. It is a little overwhelming the emotions that you feel while walking the grounds and seeing the stones placed for each clan.

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Haunted

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