Who Did This To My Window? Spooky

20090404_24On one of my travels to Dumfries, Scotland, I decided to stay in a haunted castle. You know do the tourist thing, take the tour, do the Ouija board  and listen to all the scary stories of the place.  The tour really didn’t produce much that I could tell.  I personally didn’t get anything on my camera to indicate “orbs” or hear knocking on the walls .

I am sensitive and I did get feelings from somewhere that the story that the tour guide was telling wasn’t the right story.  From somewhere I was being told that the previous lady of the castle was forced into marriage at the age of 16 to an old man that she despised. And that the young girl later died in childbirth. But then again I do have a vivid imagination, I thought.

The tour lasted until about 5 am.  I went to my room and took a nice warm shower to relax to go to sleep, I was kind of wound up and needed to wind down some.   The sun was rising and there was a chill outside. Condensation formed on the inside of my window, I noticed.  I stepped inside the bathroom to brush my hair and when I returned to my surprise something new had been added to my window. Do you see it?


JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Spooky


    1. Oh. Its good to meet you too, didnt say that before. Its been a rough day. I’ d like to read about yours too when i get a few minutes
      I think the spirits just like to surprise us or only come by when really needed.


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