Tranquility to Ease the Troubled Heart




As I walked among the gardens yesterday in the crisp mountain air of Estes Park, Colorado. I stumbled upon this little pond on the grounds of the famous Stanley Hotel.  It wasn’t here the last time I visited. My mind is troubled and my heart is burdened with pain.  I have run away to Estes to escape,  to find tranquility,  to ease my soul— I find it here. Just a small spot of quiet, the clear water upon the stones, the sound of the water running over the falls is enough to calm me and silence the voices troubling my spirit.  The sun warming my skin and sparkling on the water remind me there is brightness and light to be seen and will be felt again.

I have found peace and tranquility.




  1. <smile> There are times when tranquility seems to be the natural state of being. Other times, it takes a little work… or a lot of work; a depth of mindfulness.

    On a day when I needed more than a little effort myself, I am taking strength from the stories others are telling about their own trials to tranquility.

    Thank you. A beautiful response to the prompt. I’m grateful for it.

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