Flash Non-Fiction Challenge: Share Your Spooky Experiences

The Spirits of Melrose Abbey

I am the family historian in my family, but little did I know at the time that I visited Melrose Abbey in the spring of 2009 that I had family ties to the place. I hadn’t gone that far in my research yet. The minute I set foot on the grounds however, I felt a pull to the place, I felt a kinship, and a mysterious sadness came over me.

abbeystreet-scotlandI had been in Scotland and the UK for several weeks now and was winding down the journey, Melrose Abbey was on the final leg of the trip.  The night before I had just spent in a “haunted” castle and met up no ghosts, not even a whimper. I so so disappointed, but then again, I am a skeptic.  I spent almost 3 weeks taking 300 photos a day with my DSLR Canon camera, loving every moment, anxious to get them home and examine them on the big screen of my computer.  I did go back to my bed and breakfast every night and look at them on my tablet as I moved them up to the cloud for storage. It was exciting.

This day at the Abbey was no different, I took so many pictures, the front of the abbey with the tombstones, the inside of the abbey, and the sides of the abbey, and then I ventured to the back.

The sign at the gate said “DO NOT ENTER”, but the gate was ajar just a little.  I’ve never been one to break the rules, but it was ajar and I really didn’t enter the grounds, I just stepped inside a little.  I wanted a picture of the back of the abbey.  Imagine the past, imagine who walked within these grounds. I heard they buried King Richard’s heart here. And I did it, I snapped the picture.  I looked at the screen at what I snapped and saw a “smudge”?  I had snapped all these other pictures before and there wasn’t a smudge on my lens on the photos before.  I snapped a picture again, the mist became more predominant.  What?  I snapped again and the image was clear. I hadn’t touched my lens. I snapped more images and nothing on the lens.  So, dear reader, I leave it up to you. Here’s my photo. What do you see?  A smudge? Mist? A monk?

Oh, by the way, I came home only to discover that King Richard was my 13th great grandfather, curious, isn’t it?


Spooky Experiences

© 2016 Candace L Stauber Photography

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