Watchers and Messengers

We are the ones on the sidelines, quiet, watching those gregarious individuals having so much fun, yet we see superficial smiles.

We are the ones watching those who despair because they are unhappy in their jobs, yet do nothing to change the situation.

We are the ones who watch people flit from one relationship to another without regard for feelings, or wanting to try to understand a heart or take time to love.

We are the ones who listen to their sorrows when they are left by someone they loved or stay in relationships because of fear.

We are the ones who listen when they are frustrated because they don’t know what direction to take because they have not taken time to listen to their own conscience.

We are the ones they turn to because we represent serenity.

We are the ones they run to when they need to escape chaos in their own world.

We are the ones they turn to when they need a sounding board without judgement or bias.

They ask us how we remain so calm during stressful times, we tell them we that we are not in control, The Universe has great plans for us and we have decided to meditate on matters before we jump on decisions.

They ask how we can be so accepting of the differences of others, we say we try to live with an open heart and trust until given a reason not to.

They ask how we can still smile during the worse times, to tell the truth if we don’t smile, we would be crying. It hurts us to see you hurting and in pain.

It hurts us that you do not pay attention or try to listen to what is happening to you, to not change your circumstances.

It hurts us that you prefer to stay in the same pattern of your life that got you where you are today that is making you unhappy.

We are the watchers, but we are also the messengers of the Universe. We are the examples that life and challenges can be overcome with trust, willingness to change and effort. You must accept yourself and accept that unless you change what you are doing now, you will not achieve what you want for your future.

What I don’t understand, however, is if we are the ones you constantly come to for comfort, retreat, serenity and peace, and these are the attributes that you are craving in your life. Why aren’t you listening? Why aren’t you acting? Is the risk that great? Does the fear of change scare you that much?


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