What color is the heart?

What color is the heart?  Or let’s also ask, what age, ethnic origin, religion, gender is the heart? Physically, most  humans hearts look pretty much all the same. When healthy that strong muscle beats regularly to pump blood into our body, nourishes us and keeps us alive.  But without exception to look at this muscle alone, unless you are a cardiac specialist or surgeon, can you tell the difference in hearts as to which heart belongs to a person who is 30 or 50 or even 60?.  Can you tell the difference if it belongs to someone who is Scottish, Italian, French, American, Mexican, or Syrian? Can you tell the difference if it belongs to someone who is white, black, or any other beautiful shade of the human skin?

Where do the feelings of love come from the heart, the mind, the soul?  We know when we lose a love, we literally feel as if our heart aches and our heart is broken. When we love, sometimes we feel it with not just the heart, but with our minds and our whole body yearns for that love. Our minds think about someone or even talks to us about the pros and cons of loving someone.  When we think about loving someone new, we consider all the factors of the external. The physical appearance will attract us at first, then the personality, and the other attributes that are present. We think about ourselves. Is this the right person to be involved with? Is this an acceptable person for me to be seen with? What would others think?  Is this person too young, too old, too fat, too thin, the wrong sex?

But of the soul, have we really looked there? Have we opened our own hearts and souls enough to love unconditionally to know someone for who they are?  Can we accept someone for their flaws, their age, their sex, their race and just enjoy their company? Can we learn from what them to enrich our own lives to become better people and in return offer them something that they can take into their lives and remember us fondly? If we meet someone and accept them as is and then learn that they are not what our lives need or want, we can then always walk away with that lesson, but not be jaded to think this problem or situation is true of all ______ (fill in the blank, women, men, race, sex, origin, etc.) It was an individual circumstance.  Life is full of lessons the soul experiences to grow and learn to love more deeply.

Many times those lessons include learning to love your own heart, learning to love evolves. Learning to love sometimes is complicated and difficult if you cannot first accept yourself as you are.  How old or young do you feel?  My mind doesn’t seem to have an age. I can’t say it feels 20 when I am 67.  But, it doesn’t feel 67, either.  I don’t feel I should be that old. Therefore, I seem to have a circle of friends that are much younger than me. We have the same interests and same vibrant energy when it comes to life.  Granted, sometimes the body is weaker than the spirit.  But the heart is not, it loves no matter the age.

You can’t let age, color, sex or nationality be a deterrent to love. These souls and hearts beat like yours, they feel like yours, they love like you. In fact, they may even love you more than you might ever know.  My mother used to have a saying,“You’ll never know unless you try.” There have been times I have turned down opportunities for love because I was afraid of what others might think or I was just afraid of the future in general.  But you know something, others do not know my heart, they don’t live my life. They don’t know what I truly need. Only I do.  The future – I can’t live in the future either. I have today, I need to enjoy and love for today, because tomorrow may never come.  I may never have this particular opportunity again. I have torn down the walls. I will not deny myself love no matter how long or short I have it or how it’s offered.  Love is precious and should be treasured, no matter the packaging.

In short, the heart is only pure and colorless, just as my brain has no age. I believe living with an willing, open and full heart only leads us to a happier and less stressful life.

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