Disappointment? Temper Tantrum or Creative Opportunity?

fuckthisshit400Yes. that’s exactly what I say!  I go through a few stages.  First I’m brokenhearted something doesn’t work out the way I would like, then I’m angry that I don’t get my way, (kind of selfish and brat-tish, isn’t it).  I think you should acknowledge your emotions, you shouldn’t hold them in.  Of course, I do this all privately, in the privacy of my own home alone, or in my car as I drive away from a situation.

Really, most of the time, the situation is something you can’t control and / or the person doesn’t even realize that they have disappointed you.  If its something that you really looked forward to I do think you can respectfully tell the person who cancelled on you that you’re disappointed and hope that maybe you can do it another time.  Or if it’s a situation that doesn’t work out that is beyond your control,  maybe it just wasn’t a good time, or just not meant to be.  Nevertheless, the sting is still there, isn’t it? So what do I do, after I acknowledge my emotions?

thGTKM6LJGI say “Fuck it” , not about the person, place or thing, but to the emotion, forget the emotions and get BUSY! .  Get over it! Decide to do something.  With me, I write or I paint, I’m not great. but I’ll grab my brushes and paint a birdhouse from the local hobby store.  hmm… I have a lot of birdhouses      I might decide to take myself out for breakfast or dinner.  I treat myself.  I might go for a manipedi.   I might even go to the park with the puppy.  Anything to stay busy and take my mind off the situation that made me unhappy.

For some that are a little more athletic than me, a good run or walk puts them in the zone and gets them out of their head. Many of my friends and family run, they run for miles. They become energized and seem to be happier people because of this activity.

Hobbies like painting, crocheting, knitting, photography anything that involves your hands or concentration are great.  It also is meditative, you concentrate on creation. In the end, instead of sitting in a stew, I’ve gotten out, enjoyed the weather, calmed down, considered all sides of the situation.  Realized that I was being selfish and probably having a mini-tantrum in my head.   I’ve also created some pretty cool things, a bird house fence, a painted rocking chair for my grandchildren, or a castle doll house and some great art.

Oh, I also have an adult swearing color book, that I color, so if you don’t paint, you might consider this. This occupies my mind a lot and makes me giggle at the same time. I get mine on Amazon.  I have several now.  That’s where I got today’s image.


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