Turning Your Dreams into Reality

For over twenty years that was my byline for my freelance web design, Netdancer Design, “Turning Your Dreams into Reality”. I’ve always strived not only to turn my client’s dreams of their business into a reality, their non-profit dreams into a reality but to also make my dreams a reality. Opportunities are always out there, we just have to keep our options open as well as our minds and hearts. Doing this we can live that life we dream about without limits.

However, occasionally keeping ourselves motivated can be difficult, especially during what may seem the dark times, the difficult times, times when everything seems to be going wrong. It’s at this time we need to realize that motivation is not something we can rely on someone else giving us. We are in control of our motivation. It’s not all that mysterious, it’s not something that is that difficult if the goal in mind is something you truly want or are passionate about.

I’ve found some steps that have helped me when I’m having difficulties staying motivated, maybe you can use some of these practices to help you as well.

Keeping my energy up or keeping my confidence in myself high.

  • I remind myself of my goals
  • I keep track of those smaller steps and check them off as I achieve them. I make realistic goals.
  • When I achieve these goals, I reward myself. It doesn’t have to be a huge reward. But even as a child I enjoyed the praise of my teachers and the gold star on my papers. I know I need the praise and the positive stroking. If no one else will do it for me, I do it for myself. Do it for yourself too, you deserve it!
  • Keep these checkpoints in a journal, doing this helps you look back on your progress and you can see just how far you have come. Just how much you have achieved. 

Give yourself a break now and then.

Just as batteries run out of juice, so do you. You can’t run on full speed all the time. I find that when I can’t solve a problem or have been at a goal for a while and haven’t achieved it yet, whether it’s a fitness goal or a work goal, taking a break from that task is exactly what I need. When I come back to it with renewed energy and new eyes, I see the task or goal from a new perspective and it seems to solve itself and achieving it becomes much easier.

Don’t beat yourself up

LIVING-350If you don’t succeed the first time or even the second or third. Everyone fails sometimes. That’s the only way we learn. Whether it’s learning how to paint, write, do HTML, teach, love; we all fail, none of us are perfect. We don’t always get it right the first time. Don’t dwell on your failures. I know, most of the time, we are much harder on ourselves than anyone else, I also know, if you’re an artist, a musician or any other creative person, I can guarantee you that most people won’t even know if you made a mistake or an error. After all, you ARE an artist.

Read, watch and listen to inspiration

Sometimes, when it seems like I’m stuck,  I read or listen to a good inspirational book, like “Becoming Magic” by Genevieve Davis or “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind” by Vishan Lakhiani, is like a kick in the butt for me, a wakeup call. Everyone, including me, needs a pep talk, someone who has done or been through what you are going through and accomplished great things. I also try to keep inspirational affirmations and quotes around me all the time. On my mirrors, on my Instagram, on my Facebook page. It just helps remind me what I’m striving for.

And because we are reminded what we are striving for, we can beat the last thing that all of us fight on a daily basis…


Struggling with this is something I deal with frequently. I have to eliminate the distractions that might cause it, turn off the TV, delete the game off the computer, move my workspace someplace else, where I’m not disturbed, where I’m more at peace, where I can actually think.

I keep myself accountable. I am the only one responsible for achieving my goals, no one else is going to do this for me, no one else is going to help me achieve success. It’s all up to me. If I want that happiness, I’m the only one that can achieve it, no one else can give it to me. I have to ACT and ACHIEVE.

After all, my main dream in life is to live life with passion, to do that, I need to strive for success in whatever I do, I won’t be happy unless I do. What makes you happy, what is your dream?

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