Are You Listening?

I ask this question to you for one reason, are you listening to what the Universe has to offer you or are you listening to your own self-doubts? Are you paying attention to what helps you grow or hold you back? Are you holding yourself back?

I truly believe that we can ask or pray to God or the Universe for what our heart truly desires and our prayers are answered. However, many times we don’t pay attention to how it’s answered and we don’t listen carefully. Good fortune and circumstances manifest for us all the time, we need to however, learn to recognize the evidence, no matter how small it seems at the time. We need to learn that we must act on this evidence. We can’t just say, “Okay, now what are YOU going to do for me?” We need to ACT. The Universe gives us the tools and we need to use them or at least learn to use them. We need to continuously learn and grow. We learn to appreciate what is given to us, we learn to give, we learn to share our knowledge and in return more is given, the momentum only increases the more we grow and share.

Cafe People Watching

Courtesy of: Yourapeein Blogspot


I am a people watcher by nature, I love to go to the park or go to the beach and just sit on the bench and watch people walk by. I like to watch how people interact at work and how they learn their skills. I go to conferences and watch how people interact with people they have never met and with their teams in new situations. When I travel I love to sit in the outdoor cafés and watch the people go by.  I also like to observe how people take advantage of life’s opportunities – or miss them.

I have observed that those who succeed and are the happiest always act when presented with evidence that the Universe has given them the opportunity to move forward with an idea or a way to advance or learn. They know that if they don’t, that this opportunity may not come again or someone else will take advantage of this gift. They stay aware and are listening, paying attention at all times for these signs. They don’t wait for tomorrow, tomorrow never comes, they act today. Successful people aren’t afraid to take risks, they aren’t afraid of ridicule. They are confident in their own decisions. They are always trying new things, they are always moving forward. Even when faced with failure, they pick themselves up and try again and then succeed because they learned from failure.

Then I see those that are always blaming others for their failures. They use the word “but” frequently in excuses why things aren’t going well for them. “But, I have different circumstances, But, I’m too old, But, I’m not smart enough, But, I don’t have enough time…. “ These are just what I said excuses.

f19bed802da36bac0a7574ffba44bbf1Think of Mr. Albert Einstein, the man synonymous with the word GENIUS, and a world famous dyslexic. Never used Dyslexia as an excuse! Richard Branson, pushed himself out of his shyness, doubts and fears. He suggests to get out of your comfort zone. Occasionally, listening to that opportunity does push you outside of that comfort zone, but you must persevere! One of my favorite gentlemen, Stan Lee, created his first his comics, “The Fantastic Four,” just shy of his 39th birthday in 1961. Later he created the legendary Marvel Universe, whose characters such as Spider-Man and the X-Men became American cultural icons.

I have to admit, I made a career change at 50 that drastically changed my life and living situation that I never dreamed would happen. I studied in college to be a chemist and educator. I made a living as a chemist for 16 years. To tell the truth, I did enjoy that job, I loved what I was doing. But passions change, circumstances change and the opportunities came and I listened. I ACTED, I learned everything I could about what I wanted to succeed at and I HAVE succeeded. It’s been very rewarding. I could have listened to others that said, that I was wasting my time, that I was just playing around, that I was too old to change careers and I should just retire. No, not my style, and frankly never will be.

The Universe is now whispering in my ear new ideas, and I’m listening. I had an Italian friend of mine tell me that I was always re-inventing myself. I guess necessity is the mother of invention but passion is the mother of re-invention. I’m passionate about listening to what the Universe is offering me, I try to stay alert for all signs of evidence that is given to me that my desires are manifesting, even if I just find a penny on the ground or I’m required to learn how to do something new to communicate at work. That skill translates forward in other aspects of my life.

Always listen, always act, and always get out of your comfort zone. The Universe has great things in store for you, you simply need to pay attention!

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