Live Life Passionately

What does this mean? What does it involve?  What does it encompass?  How do you do it?  Can you live life passionately when you have to work to make  a living to support yourself and your family? YES!



noun pas·sion \ˈpa-shən\

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Simple Definition of passion

  • : a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something
  • : a strong sexual or romantic feeling for someone

  intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction

a :  ardent affection :  love

ba strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept

c :  sexual desired :  an object of desire or deep interest

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WP_20141209_002Life was not given to us to merely exist. To walk through it and not wonder in its glory. Take a look around. Look at the bounty that the earth is offering, the majestic mountains, the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, the wonders, and the yet unexplored beneath the seas and the vastness of the universe.

2013-07-29 12.44.51

To walk in the ancient cities of Rome or Greece and wonder how those civilizations accomplished so much, to walk on the Royal Mile and know you are walking on top of city that survived the plague.  To see a baby born and the miracle of birth. The passion of life is evident in everything around us.  People lived passionately to achieve these things. People loved passionately to achieve these things. Walk in any museum, look at any piece of art, you can feel the passion in the artist’ hearts and souls.

Take a moment, away from this text and look around. What do you see around you?  Still your mind, take a deep breath, and observe  your surroundings.  Everything around you was done because of someone’s passion.  I am writing this because of mine. Have you found your passion yet?

We can go through life and our passions ebb and flow, our creations change, our lives change, that’s normal.  In fact, it seemed like mine went dormant for a while and now the passion has returned. When the passion is not there, we feel lost, we don’t know what direction we’re going, we don’t know what purpose our lives are taking. But even though it felt like it was dormant, it was only dormant for a portion of my life, not for all aspects.  We can still live life passionately even though we feel lost, because you see we are not lost, we are only getting our bearings again.  We know there is change coming, that new passions are around the corner and we haven’t discovered them yet.

I kept my passion for creating art, I kept my passion for travel and discovering new cultures, I kept my passion for learning new things.  I just needed to discover what was going to stoke that fire within me.  Only by trying new things, reading different view points, talking to new people and being open to new ideas can you discover what path you are going to take next.

Are you satisfied with your life the way it is?  Are you willing to open up your heart and your mind to new ideas and new people?  Are you ready to risk getting a little more passion burning in your soul?

Only by taking these risks and opening your heart and mind can you truly live life with passion.  You will never regret it and personally, I don’t want to have any regrets at the end of my days, do you?



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