A Baby-Boomer Learning Millennial Skills

I’ve always been the person behind the scenes, the worker that helps the others succeed at their jobs, not the one in front, not the one who really wants to get noticed.

Story isnt Over

I’m an introvert – a highly functional and occasionally outgoing, on a one on one basis introvert. I prefer to focus my energy on my ideas, on my work, try to get things done in an orderly fashion in a quiet kind of way.  I’m perfectly happy doing my job and staying on track doing my best helping others succeed.


 I’ve worked on the technical side of things and the artistic side of things so you might say I’m a cross between the Rational and the Artisan kind of introvert. It’s a struggle sometimes to be as outspoken as I know I should be.  I have my moments, but public speaking and public writing until now, have not been my strengths.

That leads me to this post. Recently my company launched a social media type platform intranet, and I am on the team of developers. I questioned myself when this Intranet came into being.  “What could I possibly have to contribute?” I’m a SharePoint professional, I don’t really have anything to contribute to this community.  But, yes,  that proverbial, but… I’ve discovered, that perhaps I do, and perhaps, this is a growing experience for me as well.

You see, I’ve always loved to write, but it’s been technical writing, not personal writing, not to tell a story or talk about hopes, dreams, desires, or even how to inspire others. And that’s where this Intranet and now this Blog is coming into play. This Intranet and this blog offer me the chance and the opportunity to give people inspiration, my years of experience in this format of a blog.  I can contribute to other colleagues lives by telling them how I have solved problems, how I  overcame obstacles (like this stupid introvert problem of feeling, not quite bold enough to share your thoughts).

So, here I am exploring what I can offer to you.  I’m a baby-boomer learning millennial skills now, I’m learning how to blog, what blogging is all about, how communication has changed. I have not come easily for this change, I like the face to face communication. I like looking people in the eyes when I talk to them, I like hearing their voices, hearing the inflection in their voice.  But I have learned communication these days has evolved into text by phone, by the web, by a blog and if I don’t accept this, I’m out and alone.  So, I must take up the proverbial pen and write. I like to write anyway, I’ve always have wanted to write, now I must –so, I’ve started WRITING.  Writing a blog,  A series of words, punctuation, periods, and semicolons.

Semicolons symbolize I’m not done yet, there is more; which exactly is where I am.  I am only getting started on this new journey, I’m climbing out of the before, living in the now and headed for the future of a new me.  It’s a little scary, but I’ve never run away from challenges before and I won’t this time either.

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