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Cees Odd Ball Photography

Cees Odd Ball Photography – Snow Butterfly ©2018 CLStauber

365 Project meets Critter Photography

365 Project meets Critter Photography At 14 degrees F ( -10 degree Celsius) and icy roads with a dusting of snow on top, it was just too cold out today for me to go out.  Oberon, on the other hand, loves the cold. He loves it so much, he doesn’t want to come in and plays “catch me if you can”…

The Gift of Gratitude: Winter Rainbows

Winter Rainbows come in Black In an arid climate rainbows seldom show except during a rainstorm. We won’t see any in Winter, it’s just too dry – our snow is even dry.  Dry snow does make it easy to shovel because it’s light and fluffy and the roads will be clear the next day.  YAY!  This is even a better rainbow…