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From these windows, servants in medieval Scotland would often yell “gardyloo”. to warn passers-by of waste from the chamber pots about to be thrown from a window into the street below. Considering that during the day, passersby would then know to step out-of-the-way of the falling debris.  However, considering that the water during those times was not the beverage of…


Word for Today Water To sit on that bench contemplating the complexities of life – and watching that duck in the distance. Dumfries, Scotland Photography by Candace L. Stauber Creativity Challenge 20

Which Way to the Tourist Center?

  If you follow the sign to the Tourist Information Center, you can purchase daily or weekly city bus passes. Those passes are a life saver and take you out of the city too.  I used my bus pass many times a day and also got to go to Roslyn to visit Roslyn Chapel and then to Leith to see…