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The Gift of Gratitude: Bravery

Growing into Bravery I began this year taking new steps into bravery, pushing myself out of my normal introverted habits and out into the world.  I became political, I became more outspoken, I still am somewhat anti-social, but it’s a learning curve. 🙂 and I will continue to push myself into more social experiences.

She Persists

She Persists I seldom repeat my photographs, but for this challenge, I had to use my favorite shadow photo that I’ve taken all year – yes, I know the year is young. 🙂 Women’s Day Marchers heading towards the Denver State Capitol early in the morning. PHOTO CHALLENGE–Shadow © 2017 Candace L Stauber Photography

Daily Word Prompt- Abide

I have always been an easy-going person.  I believe that how people live their lives is their business, their morals, and their behavior will determine the outcome of their life. You might say I believe in Karma. I grew up respecting others, respecting other religions, beliefs,and way of living. I grew up believing in the “Golden Rule” and tried every day…