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Sunrise on Deck

Sunrise on Deck Somewhere in the Caribbean © 2017 Candace L Stauber Photography Mundane Monday Travel Photo of the Week

Mundane Monday

Moscow Mule One sunny spring Monday afternoon after visiting the Louvre, I stopped at the local restaurant next to my apartment.  I can’t read French, so the menu was a little difficult to translate, but I did recognize “Moscow Mule” .  A very refreshing ginger drink to quench the thirst of a tired traveler. Mundane Monday Paris, France © 2017…

Mundane Monday

A mundane clock that doesn’t even tell time, in fact, it really wasn’t even meant to keep correct time. This is a Holovar clock, made in Germany especially for jewelry store window displays. The pendulum mechanism is how the clock kept time, so depending on the length of the cord and how many spirals around the post was how long…