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Photo Challenge- Relax

Shhh! Aussie Sleeping My last Australian Shepherd, Hunter, was the epitome of RELAXATION!  In fact, he was a sleep-number 35 on the other side of my bed.  I can’t say the same about the new puppy, Oberon, he is just the opposite.  Never stopping energy ball.  I think he’s A.D.D. © 2016 Candace L Stauber Photography

Daily Prompt Volunteer

Sugar, my therapy dog and me after work.  We would go to the hospitals and comfort the patients and families.  She was the calmest Australian Shepherd I’ve ever had.  I’m hoping Oberon grows into this kind of work with me. I rescued her in her senior years from Colorado Humane Society.  The next week she had her Good Citizen certification,…

Oberon’s Antics -9.26.2016

Oh no, she’s got me in this black machine again! Where are we going now? The vet??? Nooo! Just a ride and she went to the pet store and bought me new toys. I haven’t even gotten carsick this time. This convertible is kinda cool. Love the wind in my hair 😆