Another hobby

CFFC: Bathrooms / Outhouses If you think, this person can’t stand empty walls, you’re right.  If I don’t put prints of my photos  on the walls, I’ll paint on them.  My basement has a floor to ceiling starship Enterprise painted on the walls. Yes, I’m a little strange and I like it that way. Advertisements

Doors to a New Adventure

Thursday Doors – March 30, 2017 After 68 years, I’ve done something today, I’ve never done before… I entered these doors. The result… I figured I have risen from the ashes so many times and at this age, I am on yet another path of renewal, time to rise once more and soar! The phoenix is…

Fairy Doors

I hope these fairy doors open to a warmer plane of existence because it’s frigid outside right now and the poor little fairies would freeze their wings off. Thursday Doors-December 8, 2016

Denver Botanic Garden Hidden Doors

At the very back of the Denver Botanic Gardens lies a building hiding in a beautiful rose garden.  This door was found there, I was very curious about it and wished I could have gone inside. Denver Botanic Gardens Denver, Colorado This is my entry for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:  Entrances or Doors  and for Norm’s…