I love to fly!

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Sky I’ve shown many views of skies in the last few weeks, but I think one of my most favorite ways to fly is in a hot air balloon.  Quiet, silent, surreal.  I truly felt almost a spiritual connection with the earth on this flight. © Netdancer Photography

Daily Prompt: Passport

Daily Prompt: Passport Packing for Athens! Need I say more? You think I’m excited?  You bet!, so if you don’t see much activity on my blog for the next couple of days, it’s because I’ll be busy or in transit.  I’ll try to post as I try to partake in everything Athens has to offer,…

Arggg Ye Maties!

Early one balmy morning in the Caribbean I spied this schooner floating on the sea, it reminded me of a pirate ship, my mind went wild with stories that it could tell, but also I wished I was on that ship to experience the sea myself. © 2017 Candace  L Stauber Photography

Hidden Doors

In my backyard, I have this huge evergreen tree and under the umbrella of its cascading branches you can imagine stepping through the tunnel provided by its branches and through this gate to some fantastical lands.  I love sitting under this tree and letting my imagination go wild. Thursday Doors – December 29, 2016

11 Quick Travel Questions

To take the challenge offered by Kiwiontheloose to answer these 11 quick questions intrigued me today.  It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon, I’m not traveling, but sitting here in front of the fireplace and the puppy is finally learning to lay at my feet like the “obedient” dog he should be (not!) So here goes, Sarah, I…