Flower of the Day – January 3, 2018

Flower of the Day – January 3, 2018


©2018 CLStauber


  1. OK – that took me about 10 minutes research! 😉 Jacob’s Ladder aka Greek Valerian (curiously, looks nothing like my Red Valerian, but it’s all in the genes (genus) i suspect ). 🙂 Scientific name: Polemonium caeruleum.

    Very Pretty!

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      1. It’s quite a long trip… but worth it in my humble opinion! It’s also a very big place with much to see. I’m on the wilder, less populated side in the West – if you’re likely to make it this far let me know and i can either advise you on what to do, where to go or do the tour guide thingy. 🙂 Best time of year to go West is probably Sept/Oct – usually decent weather and it’s the best wildflower season!

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      2. You probably mean the Sydney one! May is the last month of our Autumn so hopefully you get some decent weather still before our winter starts.

        You could look up the Swan River Festival of Lights – it’s normally at the end of October/start of November over on the West side. Although we don’t have the Opera House to light up… or the Harbour Bridge! 😉

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