Flower of the Day – September 7, 2017 – More Orange


Flower of the Day – September 7, 2017 – More Orange


Macro/Close Up of the Visitor

© 2017 CLStauber


  1. Welcome to XDrive sessions once again!

    Pic 1: An excellent macro shot of the meal time! This is where the macro world shines! We all must have seen such things hundreds of times in our life but not with such a details. Beautiful colors too. Just wished the whole fly remained in focus. I don’t know what aperture was used, but shallow DOF is the only issue to handle while shooting macro shots.

    Pic 2: Again a great shot, the flower is in sharp focus range and showing beautiful colors. But our main subject misses the focus..

    This critical review is part of XDrive Learning Photography sessions. Thank you for your contribution.

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      1. I have to admit I do a lot of mobile photography, my fibromyalgia often is too painful for me to lift my DSLR for any period of time , the mobile I can take with me and still satisfy my photography cravings when I’m in pain.


      2. Oh .. that’s sad. You should be careful with the weight of DSLR. Looks for these mirrorless cameras. They are equally good as DSLRs and are light weight. You can also slip them in to purse or vanity bags very conveniently.

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      3. i have 3 DSLR cameras , my last 2 are mirrorless. my most recent is a Sony 6500 Alpha, took that to Athens. got some great photos. Usually use the fancy cams when I travel, but for everyday , it’s the Samsung 🙂


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